It’s time to talk turkey!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it is truly never too early to plan your order. This year, Marrow is pleased to offer turkey, ham, and duck for your table along with a variety of fixings and charcuterie boards. Our turkeys come from Duerksen Turkey Farm and are pasture raised, fed a non-GMO feed, processed on the farm and are always fresh, never frozen. Our hams are heritage-breed, pasture raised pork that we cure and smoke in-house. And our ducks, from Three Ponds Farm, are Muscovy breed, pasture-raised and fed an organic, non-soy feed.

How to Order:

Thanksgiving orders are open through November 22nd and can be placed in the shop, over the phone (313-652-0200), or online. We are bringing in 50 birds total, which fall into three different size ranges (10-14 lb, 14-18 lb, and 18-22 lb). We ask you to pick a size range within which we will guarantee you a turkey. Due to the small number of birds available for purchase, we require a $50 deposit with each turkey order. That deposit will be subtracted from the total cost upon pick-up. Additionally, we require a $25 deposit for all hams, ducks and charcuterie boards. Thanksgiving pick-up will begin Sunday November 24th and run through Wednesday November 27th.

The Options:

  • Duerksen Turkey Farm Turkey - $6.00/lb. Also available brined for an extra $1.00/lb.

    • Sizes:

      • Small (10-14 lb) - Feeds 8-10

      • Medium (14-18 lb) - Feeds 11-15

      • Large (18-22 lb) - Feeds 16-20

  • Boneless Ham (3-5 lb) - $18/lb

  • Whole Duck (3-5 lb) - $8/lb

  • Fixin’s

    • Turkey Stock - $10/Qt

    • Turkey Gravy $10/Pt

    • Sausage Stuffing - $9.50/lb

    • Cranberry Relish - $5/8oz

  • Charcuterie Boards 

    • Small Board (Feeds 2-3) - $35

      Includes 3 meats, 2 cheeses, crackers and accoutrements

    • Medium Board (Feeds 4-6) - $75

      Includes 4 meats, 3 cheeses, crackers and accoutrements

    • Large Board (Feeds 8-10) - $135

      Includes 5 meats, 4 cheeses, crackers and accoutrements

Marrow Meat club

When good butchers buy good meat from good farms you can trust that what results, a monthly selection of ever changing meat treats, is sure to please. Whether it's pork sausage, lamb bacon or duck wings, our monthly meat subscription is chock full of goodness. And don’t worry, we've included a couple recipes so you know how to make our meat taste great for the lucky folks you choose to share your table with.

As a member you can expect a variety of changing items every month. “What are some examples of what a monthly package might include?”:

  • Fresh cuts to braise, roast or grill

  • Grass Fed, Dry-Aged, sustainable and humanely raised Ground Beef

  • Fresh seasonal sausages made in house with local ingredients

  • Cooked sausages, smoked bacon, and exotic deli products

  • Stocks and broths for cooking with at home (or just drinking straight up?)

  • Fats for baking with!

Some of the Meat Club Member Benefits you’ll be receiving just for being a part of the whole thing:

  • 10% discount in butcher shop on pick up day

  • 5% off in butcher shop for as long as you’re a member

  • First notice for butcher workshops

  • An incredibly well written newsletter with recipes, protein musings

  • Special hours for holiday pickups so you don’t wait in line!

  • You will also gain access to our butcher hotline and receive exclusive recipes from our Executive Chef Sarah Welch.

Pick up is the last Sunday of every month during normal shop hours.

For more information, please call 313.652.0200 from 9AM-8PM or email

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