We get it. It's summer. You don't want to dine inside, hell - you don't even want to dine at a table. You want to lay in the grass and eat local meats & cheese. Perfect. Go ahead and grab one of our Belle Isle Baskets (literally we can loan you the picnic basket). We got a feeling its just the thing for you…

  • The Quick-NIC

    • “Whats in it?” House pistachio mortadella, Lebanon bologna, smoked kielbasa, Idyll Farms Temptation cider washed goat cheese, Farms Dairy sharp white cheddar, house pickles, a seasonal house made preserve, house made french baguette, crackers and olives

    • “How much is it?” $35

    • “Why isn’t there wine included?” There can be, shop from our retail selection or add a bottle of already chilled house rose for $15

    • “Do I need to call ahead?” You could. That’d be nice. But we will have them available in the shop on weekends so, no worries.

    • “I’m a Vegetarian! HELP!?!” Fine. We can offer you a NIC with twice the cheese, and none of the BULL (or pork or chicken) *&%@. OK?

    • “But I don’t have the cute basket” That’s ok! We have two baskets here complete with wine glasses, a corkscrew, a blanket, plates and silverware that we will loan out to you, just leave a deposit.

  • The Grill Out

    • “Whats in it?” Your choice of a burger or an all beef hot dog, local Brown’s Bun, condiments, and a lovely seasonal side

    • “How much is it?” $12/pp - but at that price, you should just upgrade to Dry Aged Beef for $10/pp more

    • “Why isn’t there wine included?” There can be, shop from our retail selection or add a bottle of already chilled house rose for $15

    • “Do I need to call ahead?” YES! We need 24 hour notice. But you could try and call in last minute (we can probably make it work).

Marrow Meat club

When good butchers buy good meat from good farms you can trust that what results, a monthly selection of ever changing meat treats, is sure to please. Whether it's pork sausage, lamb bacon or duck wings, our monthly meat subscription is chock full of goodness. And don’t worry, we've included a couple recipes so you know how to make our meat taste great for the lucky folks you choose to share your table with.

As a member you can expect a variety of changing items every month. “What are some examples of what a monthly package might include?”:

  • Fresh cuts to braise, roast or grill

  • Grass Fed, sustainable and humanely raised Ground Beef

  • Fresh seasonal sausages made in house with local ingredients

  • Cooked sausages, smoked bacon, and exotic deli products

  • Stocks and broths for cooking with at home (or just drinking straight up?)

  • Fats for baking with!

Some of the Meat Club Member Benefits you’ll be receiving just for being a part of the whole thing:

  • 10% discount in butcher shop on pick up day

  • 5% off in butcher shop for as long as you’re a member

  • 5% off (and first access to) butcher classes

  • An incredibly well written and hilarious monthly newsletter with recipes, protein musings and butcher jokes

  • Special hours for holiday pickups so you don’t wait in line!

  • You will also gain access to our butcher hotline and receive exclusive recipes from our Executive Chef Sarah Welch.

Pick up is the last Sunday of every month during normal shop hours.

For more information, please call 313.652.0200 from 9AM-8PM or email

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