We are Detroit's first neighborhood butcher shop and restaurant hybrid. As both a full service, James Beard Award nominated restaurant and a whole animal butcher shop our business serves as a community gathering place. Our purpose is to promote, utilize and advance a healthy, local, and sustainable food system whether you dine with us or at home.

farm to fork

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Full utilization is our muse. Through each plate, at your table or ours, we strive to honor local farms by using everything they have to offer - fruit to root and tip to tail.

Ping Ho, our founder, was inspired to create Marrow by her childhood memories of growing up in Singapore. As a young girl, she'd accompany her maternal grandmother to the local "wet market" where she was struck by the familiar rapport her grandmother had with her favorite meat (or fish and vegetable) vendor. Each dinner was often influenced by what was fresh that day at the market. In creating Marrow, Ping hopes to inspire a return to old world practices of buying direct and supporting small local producers.


Whether you're picking up dinner to go or dining with us in the restaurant...

Our direct relationship with farmers and producers ensures that you're getting quality food that is as close as possible to the source. With our zero-waste mission. we will not only provide the best tasting food but meals that are better for you and the planet

Meet The Team






Chef Welch was raised between Jamaica and Michigan surrounded with culture, cooking, and eating. Sarah left Michigan to pursue culinary studies at New York’s French Culinary Institute. Though she has worked for recognized chefs like Brian Polcyn, most of her experience is gleaned working alongside talented peers. Her time in Detroit has yeilded close connections with the local farming community which now serves as the muse for the food you can find at Marrow's restaurant



Amanda, a born and raised Michigander, has a passion for Hospitality. Her core management philosophy is rooted in the belief that a great meal is only as good as the dining experience that delivers it. We agree. A passion for craft beers led her to running Arbor Brewing Company before leaving to become a private events manager and finding her way to us. We're confident you're in good hands with her at the helm




Nicholas Ponte has had his hands in the meat game for over 10 years. He cut his teeth managing meat counters and exploring whole animal butchery through educational conferences and competitions. For the past month he's lived and worked alongside our beef farmers to get to know their trade in depth. In his free time he teaches animal butchery and fabrication classes. He loves to talk about meat so come by our shop and ask him anything




While Lisa is a self proclaimed Whiskey nerd, her beverage knowledge gained from years of tending bar in the Detroit area is far reaching. Lisa intends to highlight locally crafted beer and spirits behind the Marrow bar while using house made ingredient to reimagine classic cocktails. Her bar knowledge and ability to inject seasonal ingredients into her beverage program is a perfect compliment to the low intervention wine list curated by Ping Ho, the owner

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While our management team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Marrow, our team members, most of which are not pictured here, are what makes the Marrow dream possible. When you drop by make sure to shake the hand that feeds you - they are truly what makes our world go round.

Farms We Love


Detroit Farms

Urban agriculture in Detroit is in full force. We are able to source the majority of our spring and summer produce from farms within 5 miles of our doorstep. These are some (and surely not all) of the fine farming folks that make that incredible feat possible:

Coriander Farms, Food Field, ACRE Farms, Fisheye Farms, Buffalo Street Farms, The Mushroom Factory, Black Dog Farm, Rising Pheasant Farms, Diamante Farms, Keep Growing Detroit

Michigan Farms

95% of Michigan's farms are family owned and operated. And while we rely heavily on them year round, they really save us in the winter when smaller farms shut down. Whether its our soy oil, brown sugar, or heavy cream, we source as much as possible from the Mitten. We firmly believe that a return to a more localized economy is the wave of the future. Its only with help from these farms that we are able to turn our dreams, of being a premodinantly Michigan made shop, into reality:

Burda's Berries, Graham's Organics, Shady Creek Farms, Hi-Lo Farm, Tantre Farms, StoneCoop Farm, Detroit Mushroom, McLaughlin Farms, Seedling Farm, Hampshire Farms, Sweetgrass Farms, Hampel Farms, ECA Farms